Technology or content? Chicken or egg?

In a situation of constantly developing new technologies, that are increasingly going digital, there raises a question: “Are all the markets ready for offers that include these technologies?”

There exists a hypothesis that it is exactly a well-designed content offer that will be the key factor in the success of a paid service. So, what is the primary factor for Pay TV being in demand?


It’s not a secret that the main driver in Pay TV sphere is content. A potential subscriber’s decision on connecting to a Pay TV operator is primarily based on the quality of content proposal.

Due to this fact, markets with poorly developed local content production are the most prospective ones for Pay TV. It provides preconditions for development of a unique content offer which can be highly in demand and create the need for demand.

Availability becomes the main objective for promoting this content. This objective is in fact hard to reach without partial popularization of content. It is necessary to get the audience acquainted with content before forming the demand for it.

The most accessible way of solving this problem is to use all the available for subscriber information platforms which do not require payment for their use. Now it is increasingly becoming the Internet space.


Trends in the worldwide Internet penetration form the need to use Internet technologies among Pay TV operators.

The main reasons are:

  • Ever increasing availability of Internet Anywhere&Anytime
  • Opportunity to make permanent changes to database software that allows to avoid depending on the equipment used by subscriber
  • Software allows advancing the service at most to meet consumers’ demands

Market realities are such that before forming a proposal which is in demand it is necessary to form an offer in demand on the basis of the most available technologies which will subsequently lead to seizure of the desired market share.

GS Group holding works in the markets of different countries. As a result the holding is trying to flexibly react on the changes and trends of Pay TV in different regions:

  1. Focus on own content production in Cambodia. One TV Cambodia already produced 6 in-house channels: One TV Cinema, One TV Sabay, One TV Karaoke Modern, One TV Karaoke Classic, One TV HD Lite. All of those channels are highly in demand among subscribers of One TV and, according to the TV viewership measurement research, all of them are in Top-10 of most watched channels.
  2. It could be a very relevant approach for other countries where GS Group operates. However we should consider that content-production is not the only one key-driver for all markets and GS Group also concentrates on the technologies’ development that can provide the opportunity for subscriber to watch the most interesting content by the easiest for TV viewer way to access.