The terrestrial STB market

We’ve all got used to TV by now as it has become an indispensable attribute in almost every home and most of us can’t imagine life without it. Television plays such an important role in contemporary consumer society: it occupies a viewers’ free time with entertaining shows, movies and TV series; it distributes news; provides [...]

Satellites and Orbits

TV has arrived and stayed in our everyday life, so we rarely reflect on the complexity of the processes lying beneath it. We’ve previously given a short technical overview on how TV signal is transmitted, but this time I’d like to settle on a more global topic and go a bit deeper into space, satellites, [...]

Technology or content? Chicken or egg?

In a situation of constantly developing new technologies, that are increasingly going digital, there raises a question: “Are all the markets ready for offers that include these technologies?” There exists a hypothesis that it is exactly a well-designed content offer that will be the key factor in the success of a paid service. So, what [...]

What are the content preferences often affected by?

The topic of content preferences is very broad and could be discussed endlessly since every country and every nation has its own peculiarities and preferences. Consumer habits lead to concrete consumer behavior. And still, anyway, sometimes marketing experts call consumer behavior a “black box” since reasons which lead to decision made by consumer are still [...]

3D TV: the current state and prospective

3D television (3DTV) is actually a common term describing various types of TV technology. The most well established type is that which uses stereoscopic effect meaning the creating of illusion of depths by demonstration of a pair of 2D images, each of those are seen with either left or right eye. This technology basically is [...]