greedy investor

Why investor is “greedy”?

As a rule, sooner or later an inventor comes to the understanding that inventing something is only half a deal (or even a quarter, or less). The next part is bringing your idea to life and turning it into a product or service followed by manufacturing. Nevertheless, it’s not the end – the final step [...]
Application form

Should you follow the application form when submitting the project?

Unfortunately, there is no unified database of innovative projects that seek investments and investors looking for projects to invest in. Therefore, there is no unified format to submit investment applications. However, there are objective reasons for this where both projects and investors have their own peculiarities, requirements, and preferences. If a database acceptable for each [...]

Are there any analogues?

The GS Venture application form for project review contains the section “Advantages of the project over other equal projects”. But we often have to deal with authors claiming their product, service or method have no equals. What does it mean and can it do any good for the presented project? What kind of reaction does [...]
How to build the startup_2

How to build the startup?

Any startup begins with an idea, but which one is the right one? It starts when someone has an idea of an exclusive product that would conquer the world. Someone faces an outstanding problem and believes that finding a way to solve it will lead to a success. And someone else can think in terms [...]
Is it worth to launch a startup_2

Is it worth it to launch a startup?

Is it worth it to launch a startup or it is better to work for salary? Do the risks measure up with changing the routine and rhythm of life? When I was working at one of the startups in Silicon Valley, California, my boss usually said, “If I stayed working for a wage, I should [...]

Innovations all over the place

The word “innovation” is hardly a new term.  It’s now often used as a buzzword and can be heard everywhere: “Nissan — Innovation that excites”; “Innovation from the L’Oréal”; “Toshiba – Leading Innovation”; “ASUS – Inspiring Innovation – Persistent Perfection”; “Fujifim – Value from Innovation”; “NEC – Empowered by Innovation” etc. As well as all those innovations in [...]

Why you fail at raising funds for your project?

Project teams are not always able to properly introduce their projects. It’s not because they are hopeless, they seem to simply lack the sufficient understanding of some of the basic principles we encounter in every day life. Here are some of them: – Sometimes the inventor, developer or entrepreneur believes their project is so brilliant [...]